Are strategy games with strong RPG elements your cup of tea? Did you enjoy games like Xcom: UFO Defence, the Fallout series, the Civilization series, the Heroes of Might and magic? And now you are looking for something new to satisfy your craving for turn-based fun? Then you’ll want to play UFO2Extraterrestrials: Battle for Mercury, sequel to the 2007 smash hit UFO: Extraterrestrials.

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UFO2Extraterrestrials - Project in Progress.
Project in Progress.

UFO2Extraterrestrials: Battle for Mercury



  • A fully 3D game combining real-time global strategy & air combat with turn-based tactical missions
  • A turn-based “I-Go-You-Go“ tactical squad-based game system
  • Interactive environments with destructible terrain
  • A large number of technologies, weapons, and combat units to develop
  • A large number of aliens to interrogate Strong RPG elements where soldiers’ stats improve with experience
  • Dynamic lighting for intense fire-fights
  • Final Gameplay design and balance tweaks by the author of the popular original UFO: ET Bman Ease of Use Mod




UFO2Extraterrestrials: Shadows over Earth

  • Currently under development simultaneously with UFO2Extraterrestrials: Battle for Mercury