Welcome, player. Here you will find out what you,
as commander of Earth`s defense against the alien threat, will control in the game:


There are 3 main styles of game play in UFO2ET: Geoscape, Tactical Missions and Base management.

Geoscape enables you to survey alien activities on the planet`s surface and in the atmosphere. Through the Geoscape interface you will be able to dispatch fighters to intercept alien vessels and you will be able to directly control your craft in real-time combat. With your missile defenses, aircraft, and aircraft carriers you will be fending off swarms of alien vessels. The Geoscape interface allows you to design and build new bases. In these bases, aircraft may be built and equipped with the advanced missiles, cannons, armor, and shield reinforcements needed to combat the UFOs menacing the planet. Your aircraft carriers may be equipped with a variety of defenses, though your fighter aircraft will always be considered their main and most powerful weapon.  As commander, you will hire scientists and engineers to design and build new tools to aid you
in your struggle. You will also hire, train, and equip an elite squad of soldiers and send them to investigate UFO crash sites and alien activities all over the planet. 
You will be able to equip your soldiers with various items to help them in their mission, including guns, rockets, grenades, lasers and other advanced weapons,
armor, flying devices, medkits, and many other items.


The Tactical Mission is an essential part of the game. Somewhere in the typical UFO investigation Mission is a downed UFO full of aliens armed with powerful weapons.
Their aim is to abduct, terrorize, and invade. Alien soldiers are highly trained, and thus accurate, fast, and difficult to kill.
Your troops must locate and combat these aliens face to face.


Base Management  The player dispose with a main base where he can improve it by building new facilities, new defenses including ground-to-air defenses, new units, as well as research new technologies, produce new items based on research, direct his troops to board craft, equip them with weapons, and view their qualities and ranks. Besides the main base the player can dispose with aircraft carriers. Both-the main base and aircraft carriers can be equipped with interceptors. The interceptors may be produced directly on the main base or on the aircraft carriers. The player can equip his interceptors with advanced missiles, cannons, armor, and shield reinforcements needed to combat the UFOs menacing the planet. The Aircraft carrier may be additionally armed with ground-to-air missiles and other defenses against numerous UFOs. The main base and the aircraft carriers can be occupied by aliens and recaptured by Counter Alien Forces (CAF) within certain time.


UFO2Extraterrestrials Battle for Mercury features: