Where does the story of "UFO2Extraterrestrials: Battle for Mercury" take place?

The story takes place on Earth, after the events that occurred in the original UFO:ET.  The game actually takes place after the events leading up to the human colonization of the planet Esperanza.


What is the political situation on Earth like in this time of alien invasions?

Earth is divided into 9 super states:   North American Brotherhood, European Union,  Russian Federation,  Asian Syndicate, Arabian League , African Coalition,  ALBA - the South American Alliance,  Australian Commonwealth,  and Free Territory of Antarctica. All the super states support the Counter Alien Forces organization.


Is UFO2Extraterrestrials still turn-based or did you go for a new game system?

Yes, we retained the tactical turn-based system of the first game.


Why did you decide on a TB system?

As XCOM:UFO Defense, the Fall out series, the Civilization series and for instance the Heroes of Might and magic series have proven, the turn based gameplay is very suitable for strategy games and players enjoy having the time to plot their moves against the enemy. Also, there are almost no turn based strategy games being released anymore even though there are still lots of players who enjoy this gameplay mode. And now I´m talking especially about the players who have played XCOM:UFO Defense, the Fallout series, the Civilization series and, of course, UFO:Extraterrestrials, our previous product.


While the Tactical Missions are turn based, Geoscape is real-time, right?

 Yes, you´re absolutely correct!  All gameplay on the Geoscape is in real-time.  The player will control his air and naval forces in real time on the Globe.


Did you say naval forces?? There weren´t any naval forces in the previous UFO: Extraterrestrials nor in the original XCOM:UFO Defense. Why did you decide to implement the navy in the "UFO2Extraterrestrials: Battle for Mercury "?

That´s because the aliens have not limited their activity to land.  They are also terrorizing the seas and oceans. They have been abducting people from their civilian vessels (yachts, boats, tankers, and cruisers). So the CAF have begun utilizing aircraft carriers to protect the oceans of Earth even as the bases protect the land.


Aircraft carriers, as we know from today, have nearly no self protection. I mean no missile launchers etc. How can they protect civilian ships if they can´t even protect themselves?

 Actually, the aircraft carriers in "UFO2Extraterrestrials: Battle for Mercury" won´t be aircraft carriers per se, but a kind of heavy aircraft-carrying assault cruisers with a VTOL system and they will be armed with missiles and other defenses against numerous disc shaped enemies. These defenses will help protect the cruiser. However the main weapon will still be your Fighters.  Maintaining fighters on your aircraft carriers will enable them to reach any endangered civilian ships that much faster.


Why do the aliens abduct so many people?

 Our research suggests that probably the most intelligent and oldest of the alien races started to suffer from an unknown illness. What enables them to survive is something that human bodies produce, perhaps human stem cells. The aliens want them and what they want, they take.


Will be "UFO2Extraterrestrials: Battle for Mercury" moddable?

Yes, it will be just as moddable as the original UFO:ET. We know how much the community enjoys being able to mod a game.  Most of the game is written in an easy to learn and modify scripting language. We appreciate and encourage any interest from any modders.


Do you think that the modding community at websites like www.ufo-scene.com are going to produce as many mods for "UFO2Extraterrestrials Battle for Mercury" as they did for UFO:Extraterrestrials? 

We certainly hope so. These gamers have created their mods because they enjoyed the original UFO:Extraterrestrials and because the game was "mod-friendly”.  We hope they will enjoy modding "UFO2Extraterrestrials: Battle for Mercury" just as much.


That´s great!  Is there anything you can do to show your appreciation to the dedication and hard work of these modders?

YES!  We will be providing each modder with a free copy of "UFO2Extraterrestrials: Battle for Mercury" if they contact us before UFO2:ET is released and if they helped develop any of the original UFO:ET mods.


One of my favorite UFO:ET mods was called the UFO:ET Ease of Use Mod, or “Bman Mod” for short.  Are you going to get Bman, aka Brandon Wallace, to help you with "UFO2Extraterrestrials: Battle for Mercury"?

Many of the features of that mod will be included in UFO2:ET, including the tactical interface improvements, advanced tactical and geoscape UFO AI, Swarms and many other.  Also many of the unique equipment and your favorite gameplay changes from the mod will also be incorporated.  So yes, Brandon is participating in the design and development of "UFO2Extraterrstrials: Battle for Mercury".


What kind of items is UFO2 going to include?

Well, the Sentinels, for instance. They are robots deployable by some of the aliens. The Sentinels can track down the victim they´re aimed at and kill it with a devastating self explosion.  We also have a variety of proximity grenades able to identify allies and enemy units.
The missions will take place not only in cities, forests, deserts, bases, etc., but also on boats and the Aircraft Carriers. There will be explosive fuel barrels, stacks of missiles, fuel stations and machinery in factories scattered around that you´ll be able to shoot down during combat to blow up nearby enemies—if the enemies don´t do it to you first!


The UFO:ET game engine didn´t have dynamic lighting. Are you going to change that for UFO2:ET?

Yes, we´re implementing dynamic lighting for UFO2Extraterrestrials to create more intense combat situations.